What’s this all about then? Edit

Martial Challenge is designed to be a clearing house and discussion forum for those wishing to test their martial skills against others. Whilst this grew out of the Historical European Martial Arts Community, it is in no way limited to those arts.

Matt Easton of Schola Gladiatoria came up with this idea and set out some rules below.

What is the purpose of these martial challenges? Edit

  • To encourage competitive tests of skill between experienced practitioners and teachers, preferably from different groups, to serve as an example and inspiration.
  • To video and present quality bouts online.
  • To show bouts between different systems and weapons.
  • To cut through some of the internet bravado and put one’s weapon where one’s mouth is.

What conditions should be observed in these challenges? Edit

  • They should be friendly, honourable and safe.
  • They should be judged.
  • They should have pre-agreed rules.
  • They should use pre-agreed weapons and protective equipment.
  • They should happen at a pre-agreed place and time.

What are the expectations for a challenge? Edit

It is expected that one person will publicly (here or copied to here) issue a challenge to another person. Of course anybody can turn down such a challenge for any reason (for example if they are injured, too busy or simply too cowardly).

Whilst these challenges are by their nature competitive, they should be seen in the light of presenting an impressive bout. Bad winners and bad losers will be frowned upon. Also remember that the loser of a bout is quite entitled to issue a challenge to a re-match at a later date, if they so desire.

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