Göteborgs Historiska Fäktskola

GHFS offers classes in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), systems including early German longsword and grappling (Based primarily on the "Döbringer" and Ringeck manuscripts), Swedish military sabre, early German sword and buckler (After the 1.33 manuscript) and generic bare knuckle boxing. We also have structured gym training as a separate course. Besides these scheduled courses several of our members have experience with other martial arts and do research into different HEMA systems as well. New study groups and classes are in development.

Training with GHFS is open for everyone, we have men and women aged 16 to 60 training with us. Everyone finds their own goals with their training, be it getting in shape, getting better coordination, improving mental abilities such as focus or self confidence, serious competition, the social aspect or experiencing their own cultural heritage in a new way, a combination of all this or something completely different.

GHFS has three members represented in HEMAC, Anders Linnard, Axel Pettersson and Andreas Engström. Andreas Engström has translated the Ringeck manuscript into Swedish, which can be found together with transcription and interpretational notes at Andreas is currently engaged in new transcription and translation projects, amongst other the "Medel" manuscript.

GHFS has a proud record of placing well in competitive HEMA, having placed 1st in the Dijon tournament -06 (Anders Linnard), 1st and 2nd in the FightCamp -08 tournament (Linnard and Magnus Hagelberg), 1st in the Mora -08 HEMA gathering tournament (Axel Pettersson), 2nd in the "Joachim Nilsson memorial tournament (shinai)" at Swordfish -08 (Hagelberg) and 3rd and 4th place in the nylon ditto (Linnard and Robert Molin),1st in the Dijon -09 individual (Pettersson) and 2nd in the Dijon-09 team competition. GHFS members have also participated in several Martial Challenges.

GHFS holds a firm belief in the value of training, sparring and sharing with other HEMA groups, and its members have traveled to train with different HEMA practitioners around Europe, Australia and the US.

Every year during the fall, GHFS hosts the international HEMA event "Swordfish", where over a hundred martial arts practitioners, researchers and other interested people gather for three days of training, competing, exchanging ideas and research and in general having a very good time. Visit to get a look at what happened at last years event, and stay tuned for updates on this years Swordfish!

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