Schola Gladiatoria is an historical European martial arts group with its HQ in Ealing, West London, Great Britain, founded in 2001 and led by Matt Easton

SG1 in Ealing, West London, on Tuesday evenings, under Matt Easton, concentrates on the medieval fighting system of Fiore dei Liberi, keeping close to the original source material, using lots of structured drills as well as sparring, and studying all the weapons, concentrating on unarmed defence against dagger, the use of dagger, one-handed sword, longsword/bastard sword, spear and pollaxe. We also have occasional classes in other weapons and sources.

SG2 in Exeter, Devon, on Mondays, under Johann Matzke concentrates on the use of the longsword/bastard sword, drawing upon various sources, but with more emphasis on Fiore dei Liberi's system. Training sessions are run in a workshop format, using drilling and sparring.

SG3 in Enfield, North London, on Wednesday evenings, under Nigel Plum, concentrates on the basket-hilted single-handed sword (broadsword/backsword) according to 17thC English sources like Silver and Swetnam, quarterstaff according to various sources, rapier according to Capo Ferro and other sources, bayonet according to various sources and 17thC Dutch wrestling and knife defence. Classes are a mixture of drilling and freeplay/sparring.

SG6 in Shipley, Bradford, West Yorkshire, on Wednesday evenings, under Paul Bennett and Colin Fieldhouse, concentrates on the use of the longsword/bastard sword according to the various German sources in the Liechtenauer lineage. Also some pole axe, messer, sword and buckler and dagger work, according to the same sources. Classes consist of drilling and sparring.

SG7 in Hull, East Yorkshire, currently irregular, under Neil Johnson, covers Fiore's dei Liberi's dagger and wrestling, some modern comparative material, Irish stick fighting, Bartitsu and other stick-based styles.

SG8 in Central London, on Thursday evenings under Nigel Plum concentrates on basic longsword and dagger according to Fiore dei Liberi.

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