Christian Henry Tobler has been a longtime student of swordsmanship, especially as it applies to the pursuit of the chivalric ideals. A passionate advocate of the medieval Liechtenauer School, his work in translating and interpreting Sigmund Ringeck's commentary firmly establishes him as an important contributor to the growing community of Western martial artists. This work is encapsulated in the Chivalry Bookshelf title "Secrets of German Medieval Swordsmanship: Sigmund Ringeck's Commentaries on Johannes Liechtenauer's Verse".

Mr. Tobler was born in 1963 in Paterson, New Jersey. A graduate of the University of Bridgeport's computer engineering program, Mr. Tobler has worked as a software developer, product manager, and marketing specialist in the analytical instrumentation and publishing fields. He is the Grand Master of the Order of Selohaar, an eclectic, mystic order of chivalry that he co-founded in 1979. A veteran of 15 years of tournament fighting, he is also an avid collector of reproduction arms and armour.

He has been focused on the study of medieval Fechtbücher ('fight books') for the past several years and teaches a weekly class in medieval combat. In the past year, he has taught classes at the Schola St. George Swordplay Symposium, in San Francisco, at the 3rd Annual Western Martial Arts Workshop in New York, and has appeared as a guest on Cablevision News Channel 12's daily program "The Exchange". In 2002 he was named to the Advisory Board of Swordplay Symposium International (SSI).

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