The Challenge Edit

I, Fleisch , do hereby challenge Althalus alias Alex of Fior della Spada from Vienna to a gentlemanly and amicable duel with rapier and dagger.

The Rules Edit

As Althalus has accused me of being in bad shape and untrained, this duell should last for at least 25 minutes with am maximum break of 2 minutes for drinking. Hits should be counted but the fight should only be stopped for a second like a "break" in boxing. (No resting allowed between the hits). This challenge should take place at the Dreynevent in February 2009 on Friday at 16.30 at the sparring-hall. As judge Peter Zillinger of Klingenspiel would be perfect. The one who lands the most hits and keeps standing wins. As a special the one behind after 20 min can call for another 10 min round to catch up

The Acceptance Edit

Alex accepted this duel in person

The Result Edit

he bout lasted 20 min and had two referees and peter zillinger from klingenspiel every good clear hit was counted, doublehits were not counted.

The fight ended 63 : 36 for Fleisch thumb|500px|left

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