The Challenge Edit

I, sir Loïs Forster, young burgundian knight, have the honor to defy sir Simon Thurston, also known as the Knife Thrower.

Dear Simon, I am looking forward to seeing our friendship becoming a brotherhood in arms. With all my respect, Loïs

The Rules Edit

The challenge will be fought with weighted shinai (or other longswords simulators). The winner will have to deliver five clear hits to his opponent. We will need three judges, not of our own groups, in order to control and witness the duel and the safety, but fighters are expected to be chivalrous enough to acknowledge when they have been hit.

The Acceptance Edit

I, Simon Thurston of Schola Gladiatoria, do accept your martial challenge and the rules as stated! May I prove a worthy opponenent and fight with valour and courage.

Simon's Summary Edit

Now that was a good fight. Hope it won't be the last time. Can't wait to see the video. Oh should probably mention Loys won 5 strikes to 4 in a well fought battle with gentlemanly conduct abound! Many thanks to Chris Stride, Tim Gallagher and Fab for some excellent judging. Damnit, I always forget something! Many thanks to Paul Bennett for videoing the bout and sending us copies!

Loïs' Summary Edit

I really enjoyed this fight : very close, very intense, and only one double hit ! Many thanks to the judges Chris, Tim and Fab, to Paul for filming, to the crowd, and of course to Simon for this great moment ! thumb|300px|left

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