The Challenge Edit

Mr Oli Barker. On the first eve of fightcamp, it would please me to seriously hand you youre ass. Weapons of choise would be sword and buckler. The rules of engagement:

  1. first to score 3 good hits.
  2. for up to three sets.
  3. Judging to be carried out in a sportsmanly fashion by ourselves or by us duly apointed referee.

The Acceptance Edit

Handling of my arse is restricted to fair maidens, but I am certainly willing to kick yours to make up for any disappointment this rule may cause you.

I will meet you at the barriers on the Friday afternoon/evening - we can each bring a non-SOTS/GFHS judge to observe, who will both agree upon a third judge between themselves. Are you happy to use steel?

Oh, and to clarify, are we talking about three continuous sets, i.e. we don't call a halt for individual hits but carry on as in a timed bout? That would be my preference.

The Negotiation Edit

hmm I would be happy to use steel if a blade can be found. Otherwise, I shall be bringing Nylons.

As for setts, I was thinking about continyous, untill there are three good hitts scored.

And first one to win two setts. Three setts at the most.. There can be no tie.

The Agreement Edit

It will probably be best to compare what we have in the way of steel and nylons at the time. I haven't really used plastics before but if I can find something I like out of your kit or the Knight Shop prototypes I'm happy to give them a go.

The Main Event Edit

This was fought at Fightcamp as promised, with Magnus winning (I believe it went 3-1 and 3-2, but I'm sure Magnus will correct me if I am wrong). It was an excellent fight and my first with nylons - we both came away with some honourable bruises and a healthy respect for each other.

Thanks to Magnus and the judges, Oz and Milo. Caz recorded the fight and I'm sure it will be posted presently. thumb|left|300px

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