The Challenge Edit

(From Magnus Hagelberg To Matt Easton) I challenge thee to a duel.

At the morning of the second day of fightcamp, when the cold is still in the air, and the birds are celebrating the comming of the new morn.

I shall thus be ready to figh you with a wepon of the following choice.

Sword and Buckler -weighted shinai, nylon or blunted steel.

Longsword -weighted shinai, nylon or blunted steel.

The Rules Edit

For the bout we shall garb us in propper attire, with padded vest, gloves and helmet for all thy options but the shinai-where the padded vest be not allowed, so that we thus may earn us some markings of manliness.

The bout to be lasting for three consecutive rounds of no less than three minutes each.

The judging to be carried out by three judges, if not impartial, but not from the ranks of our schools.

The Prise to be a bottle of port with appropriet accessory (chockolate!)

What shall youre answer be?

Or does it befall on me to claim the first victory of a coward?

The Acceptance Edit

Hagelberg, you are brave. I hope you have a strong constitution and are good at healing. I shall meet you on the field described, with a nylon longsword. May God be with us and my sword show my virtues. May the ladies be honoured.

I salute you.

The Result Edit

It was a fantastic fight. The ground was slick with mud sweat and blood and the two valiant swordsmen fought ferociously despite the adverse conditions.

Matt's Comment Magnus was the victor! Well done Magnus. In reward I gave him a bottle of port, and in friendship he gave me another bottle of port. As always, I wish there were lots of things I had done and some things I had not, but Magnus had the best of me. Some good bruises were given both ways, but I seem to have got most of them! I shall have my revenge one day.

Thanks to the judges, and apologies for the hundreds of double kills!

Magnus' Comment there are things as great as port. And then there are Victory port, the harder the fight the sweeter the taste.

And this bottle tasted mighty fine!

And yes, there should be some reematch, but as we said, it will have to wait for a bit.

I'm going to hand the vid's we got over to Anders or some such persson for editing, so that it can have the propper music and stuff. But the raw stuff I should have up this evening.

thank you again Matt.

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