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Martin "Oz" Austwick is the Chief Instructor of the English Martial Arts Academy (previously the Company for Historical Combat) and has been studying Martial Arts for over twenty years. He is an Instructor with the British Combat Association, one of the world's most prestigious martial arts organisations run by Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine.

Martin started studying martial arts twenty years ago as a teenager, firstly with Aikido under Sensei Kanetsuka and then Shotokan Karate within the K.U.G.B. under Sensei Enoeda. Fifteen years ago he discovered the existence of English Martial Arts and began to dedicate his training more and more to them. Now he runs a number of thriving clubs across the South of England and regularly teaches at National and International events. He has been invited to teach across Europe, the US and also in Asia. He is recognised as one of the world's leading authorities on English Martial Arts.

He was a founder member of the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition and is the author of a number of technical articles about English Martial Arts and their application. He is also an Instructor with SAFE Self Protection, an agency set up to teach Self Protection skills to the NHS.