The Challenge Edit

I challenge Claus Sørensen on a duel.

The Rules Edit

The winner is the first one who preform a successful technique from Hans Talhoffers Thott manual or the 1467 edition. Two judges appointed by us togheter. The judges must both agree it was a technique from one of these manuals.

Gear as Mr Claus Sørensen wants it. I suggest we do it at Swordfish The winner has to buy the looser a beer it the Local

"The gautlet is thrown!!"

The Acceptance Edit

Hehe, I am sure that we can figure something out Martin

with blosfechten................ Not harnishfechten. protective gear as you see fit but we will have to discus the sword simulators?

The Result Edit

Martin's Comments Unfortnatly there is no video of the bout. But Claus won after about 3 seconds he made an perfectly executed Zorn ortt im dröw followed by a langen zorn ortt.

I bow my head to his superiorety!

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