Group - Schola Gladiatoria

Principal Style - Fiore

Bio Edit

Matt Easton is a martial arts teacher and arms and armour researcher who was born in 1976 in London, England and still lives there. He has been involved with historical European martial arts (HEMA) since 1997 and has been teaching since 2000, establishing Schola Gladiatoria in 2001. Previous to starting studying HEMA, he studied foil and sabre sport fencing and kung fu.

At University College London (UCL) Matt attained a BA(hons) in Medieval Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology in 2000, writing his dissertation on the development of 13th and 14th century armour.

Matt's HEMA career started as a student of The Company of Maisters,later joining The Exiles Company of Medieval Martial Artists. During this time he began his study of Fiore dei Liberi's treatise, assisting his Italian friend, Eleonora Litta, to produce the first English translation of the Getty version of Fiore's treatise Il Fior di Battaglia.

Matt started to receive invitations to teach at international events,and having already established a training group based in Ealing, West London, in 2001 Schola Gladiatoria was officially named and founded. Since 2000, Matt has taught his interpretation of Fiore's fighting system at many events in the UK, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland and Sweden. He has presented to other historical European martial artists, members of the public and press, arms and armour collectors and restorers, and also to academics and museum staff.

As well as teaching historical European martial arts, Matt also studies arms and armour of the late middle ages and has lectured on this at the Wallace Collection in London, the Tower of London, the Royal Armouries in Leeds, to the Armour Research Society, the British Arms and Armour Society and at two International Arms and Armour Conferences in Florence and Vienna. Matt was also a founding member of HEMAC, the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition.

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