The Challenge Edit

I, Matt Easton of Schola Gladiatoria Ealing, do hereby challenge Martin Austwick of The Company for Historical Combat to a gentlemanly and amicable duel with single handed swords (stick or shinai versions thereof) alone.

The Rules Edit

I propose that this challenge be met some time in August or September at a mutually suitable location and with a judge and camera person in attendance. The weapons may be hilted in whatever fashion suits the protagonists and all methods of offence and defence to be allowed if employed safely. I propose a bout of first fighter to attain 7 good hits.

The Acceptance Edit

I Martin Austwick of The Company for Historical Combat accept this challenge and will instruct my second to make the necessary arrangements. I would however like to add a stipulation.

The loser buys the first beer afterwards.

The Result Edit

Matt Wins 7-6

Matt's Comments For my honour, I have had to fight in unfamiliar places without relatives and without friends, not trusting anyone but God and my art and myself, Matt, and my sword. And by the grace of God, I, Matt, kept my honour and I did not injure myself.


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