The Challenge Edit

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 10:33 am Post subject: Cardy vs. Easton at SWASH It is my understanding that Mr.Cardy and myself with fight a Martial Challenge at SWASH this weekend, with longswords.

The Rules Edit

First a bout with weighted shinai, second a bout with steel longswords. The bouts will be judged by a neutral party and filmed. First to 5 good hits at each weapon?

The Acceptance Edit

That sounds fine, as agreed any disabling hit counts. Can I suggest 2 judges preferably with a longsword background, one scoring for each of us.

The Result Edit

Matt's Comments Thanks to Neil Cardy for this Challenge and thanks to Oli Barker, James Marwood and a gentleman (whose name I did not catch) from the Dawn Duellists for presiding over the fight. In the end we only did the first to five points with steel longswords (not the part with shinai), at which the result was 5-0 to me, after a very cautious and guarded bout. Video to follow.

Neil's Comments Thank you Matt for the Challenge, as you say a very cautious bout, (but maybe not guarded enough on my part). Thank you to Oli Barker, James Marwood and Tim Chant as well as Barry young for videoing the match. I will forward the video to James once I have transfered it from the camera. Shinai next year?


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