The Challenge Edit

I Michael Thomas, instructor at the Academy of Historical Fencing and student of the German martial arts hereby challenge Dierk Hagedorn, instructor of the most noble school Hammaborg, to meet me in an honourable duel with God's chosen weapon, the longsword. I suggest Swordfish as the venue. I will also bring the traditional port for a post fight drink.

The Rules  Edit

The first to 7 good hits Any independent judges who would lend us their time.

The Acceptance Edit

My dear Michael, I am deeply honoured and gladly accept your terms. Seven fine hits it shall be. I eagerly anticipate the blows and the port. See you at Swordfish. Yours very truly Dierk


The Result Edit

The Martial Challenge was fought on November 1 during the Swordfish HEMAC event in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Apparently, there was some confusion regarding counting the hits. Upon closer inspection of the videos, the combatants agreed on the score of 4:2 in Michael Thomas' favour.

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