The Challenge Edit

I repeated my challenge I made here on The GHFS forum. Using an online translator. I met with moderate success

I Nigel Plum Challenge Miss Elin Carlsson of the GHFS to bout with Longsword at Swordfish. I leave the rules & tools for her to decide.

Furthermore I Challenge Mr Andreas Engström of the GHFS to bout of sabre / backsword using shinai.

Later Dudes

translator wrote: JAG realisera så pass den här er sannolikt förfärlig Svensk , utom här går.

JAG Nigel Plomben Utmaning Missa Elin Carlsson om GHFS till anfallen med Longsword på Svärdfisken. JAG lov reglerna & redskapen för henne till avgöra.

Vidare JAG Utmaning Mr Andreas Engström om GHFS till anfallen av sabre backsword användande smalben.

Senare dudes

The Acceptance Edit

That's absolutely atrocious, Nigel. But I still accept. BTW, your surname was translated into "I, Nigel the Tooth-filling" Also, you offered to use a shinbone in our sabre/backsword match. I'm not quite sure what for.


The Result Edit

Milo Thurston was kind enough to judge the match for us. The rules were simple: first one to receive three good decisive hits loses. Double hits don't count but the judge breaks the fight when they occur, and restarts the match.

I eventually won by three hits to one. Nigel asked for a return match at the next event we're both attending (probably Dijon or FightCamp), which I happily accepted.

Thanks to Nigel for a good fight and to Milo for judging.



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