The Challenge Edit

Dear Mr. Plum, it would be an honor to me, if you would accept my challange. Place and Date: Dreynevent in vienna Weapons: taped spear, longsword or shinai and wooden rondell armor: as much as you want. fencing mask at least rules: first clear hit kills

The Acceptance Edit

You're on. However I feel there should be a period of ritual insults.

The Ritual Insults Edit

Nigel - I laugh at your citys pathetic attempts at Patisserie & FK Austria are the best team in Vienna

Harry - you puny islandmonkey.... this will cost you at least one orange juice aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.... YOU Mr. Plum are wearing serious hats

Nigel - I beg to differ. Or as our transatlantic cousins say "Them's fightin' wurds!" Therefore I propose looser provides the victor with a Hut von Eleganz.

Harry - let's get it on

The Final Conditions Edit

The challange was done in dijon, but only with daggers on Mr. Plums demand.

The Result Edit

Matt Easton presided over the fight together with Oliver Barker of School of the Sword and the final score was 7-5 to Harry Winter.

Harry's Comment I am really thankful that Mr. Plum has given me the oportunity to match my skills with the world famous scholafighter. I am looking forward to see the video.

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