Roland warzecha

Roland Warzecha (*1966) started training re-enactment fighting in 1995 and joined his fellow Hammaborger Alban Depper when he initiated a swordfighting system named 'Huscarl' in 2000.
Between 2000 and 2005 Roland was trained by Axel Wagener and Heiko Lempio in Escrima-based UCC (Ultimate Close Combat) and acquired profound knowledge of essential martial concepts.
He has been engaged in HEMA since 2003. His prime subject of research is fighting with sword and buckler according to MS I.33 and later German masters like Lignitzer, Talhoffer and Kal. Furthermore he is working on reconstructing single combat with center-gripped round shields.Roland has been with Hammaborg since its foundation in 1999. He became a member of HEMAC in 2007 and has been teaching in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Denmark, USA and Sweden.

Group - Hammaborg

Principal Style - I.33

Won/Lost/Played - 6/5/11

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