The Challenge Edit

I, Roland Warzecha of Hammaborg, hereby challenge the worthy gentleman and conaisseur of port wine and traditions of many a kind, Mr Claus Sørensen of the Laurentiusgildet to a duel of longsword versus sword & buckler. If you, Sir, would except - which I do not doubt for a second - I suggest that we shall finally teach each other a lesson with our preferred weapons at Swordfish in Göteberg this year. Hochachtungsvoll, Roland Warzecha

The Acceptance Edit

Of course I accept my friend..............

Let "us" decide the details when we get there. Perhaps discuss them thursday evening while enjoying a few traditions, Claus

The Rules Edit

We fought 5 rounds, sole rules: 1. Consider yourself unarmoured and the blades sharp. 2. Acknowledge hits like a gentleman.

The Result Edit

Two draws (double hits), two won by Claus, one by Roland.

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