The Challenge Edit

To the honourable Roland Warzecha, a call to a martial challenge at the ancient and noble weapons of sword and buckler, to be fought publicly at the reknowned field of the Chicago Swordplay Guild on Wednesday September the 16th, Guildmaster Gregory Mele presiding.

The Rules Edit

In gentlemanly fashion we will consider that our blunt weapons bite as sharps. I ask only for 10 passes in the fight, with the result of the first pass counting twice for the combatant who delivers the blow. The combatants, being honourable men, will acknowledge their own hits, with Guildmaster assisting in counting the tally of blows.

Issued this day September 15th, 2009.
Sean Hayes

The Acceptance Edit

I shall accept this challenge.

I agree to the terms and meet you on the field of honor on the morrow. May the best man win and may both combatants prove worthy practitioners of the noble art of fighting with sword and buckler.

Roland Warzecha

The Result Edit

It is my very great pleasure to announce the victory of my friend and companion in arms, Roland Warzecha! Please join me in congratulating Roland in his victory!

The fight was pure joy, with each of us pushing the other hard and exchanging shrewd blows. Roland struck the first, which by agreement counted double, emphasizing the importance of entering the fight. The exchanges continued with aggression and intent, with the balance of the tally going to Roland. My thanks to Guildmaster Gregory Mele for providing the field and marshaling the fight.

With Respect and Thanks,
Sean Hayes

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