The Challenge Edit

I, Stevie Thurston, challenge Mr Nigel Plum to a test of arms with shinai to take place a Kelmarsh. The test shall take place on neutral ground to be decided at the event, though each party is encourage to bring supporters along with them.

The Rules Edit

I suggest a series of three bouts, first to three clean hits wins the bout.

Judges to be Sue and Simon Kirk who have graciously accepted the task.

I shall bring a digital camera capable of recording the event.

The Acceptance Edit

[ritual insult mode] Whilst I feel it may be beneath me to fight a semi simian working from the partial training notes of a dyslexic & insane morris dancer, I shall take great pleasure in whooping your ginger orang-utan ass & demonstrating the moral, intellectual & physical superiority of humans over northern monkeys.[/ritual insult mode]

The Negotiation Edit

I look forward to your pain

The Result Edit

Nigels Comment We eventually met on Sunday morning, a bit hungover. We were refereed by Sue& Simon Kirk of the SSS. The rules were first to five hits with double hits counting. I eventually won 5-4. Thanks to Stevie for an interesting fight. I really need to work on a few things.

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