The Challenge Edit

I Thom Jason, independent scholar do hereby challenge all interested parties to duel using the combatant's choice of dagger, bowie knife or other type of knife.

The Rules Edit

Protection will be a fencing mask, gloves/arm protection, and cup.

The daggers/bowie knives used in the challenge shall be aluminum blunts, with a limitation of 12 inches or under for blade length, single, double edge or clip point allowed. If the challenger does not have their own simulator, I will provide them with their choice of simulator from my own personal collection.

An offhand weapon such as a hat, cloak or secondary dagger/Bowie knife shall be allowed if both participants agree to it.

The Fight shall consist of 2 stages

1.) First Blood: A single round that goes until one party strikes a blow that would have drawn blood if utilizing real weapons.

2)Best of Seven: The combatants shall exchange blows until one of them reaches the count of 7. Each of these blows must have been a blow that would have drawn blood if utilizing real weapons.

Both stages will be witnessed by a third party who shall act as overseer of the duel.

The winner of each stage shall receive their choice of beer from the loser of each stage.

If the challenger is European, the duel shall take place at Fightcamp 09 or whenever I am in their area next. If the participant is in the US, other arranges will be made.

The Acceptance Edit

Fabrice Cognot, Michael Thomas and Neil Johnson Accept this challenge

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