The ChallengeEdit

To my Brother in Arms; Jason Smith, a.k.a. J. G. Smith
Being of sober mind and body (at the time of this writing)...I invite you to meet me with longsword in the lists at Chivalric Weekend this July. If you except my challenge we will join in the spirit of arms and brotherhood; there after of the challenge between Jessica and Theresa at the pond.
I suggest the following conditions.
- 4 corner judges (two of your choosing and two of my choosing, our choices being that of neutral). I choose Bill Grandy and Ken Mondschein.
- 1 Marshall: I suggest Roger Siggs (what say you?)
- Herald of your choosing: I choose Christian Tobler. Herald most hold his fighter's banner during announcement.
- In appreciation to Bryan Tunstall for his gifts to the CW Sponsorship by Merc Tailor I would like to meet you with Mark II (light blades) longswords.
Body: Gambeson, 1/4, 1/2, or Full Harness.
Head: Fencing Mask or closed visor helm with safety glasses.
Hands: Armored gauntlets.
Arms: Forearms protection of fighter's choosing.
Neck: Gorget of fighter's choosing.
- The challenge ends when fighters gives 10 points to opponent.
- Double kills don't count.
- Successful strike with long sword: 1 point.
- Successful grounding of opponent (pin): 1 point. (Yes the ground we may go)
There after I shall join you in the partaking of spirits over a warm fire.
What say you old friend?

The AcceptanceEdit

Todd Sullivan, Good Sir!
I accept your challenge to fight in the lists with longsword, fencing mask, gambeson, gorget and gauntlets.
Furthermore, I suggest the wearing of rondel simulators in the event we come to grips. The winning conditions therefore would be either a controlled takedown (pin) or decisive thrust or thrusts with the dagger, whether standing or on the ground. A clear strike or thrust with the longsword is also, of course, a victory condition.
I do not object to Roger Siggs as the Marshall for the bout, and indeed would be honoured if he would serve in such a capacity.
I would ask Both Greg Mele and Rob Kelly to act as impartial judges, and as my herald I choose my good friend Bernard Emmerich to bear my standard.
I greatly look forward to imbibing spirits following this brotherly feat of arms, and to be certain of its quality, will furnish hops-based beverages from the Cooler of Neverending Canadian Goodness to share in the spirit of camaraderie that defines Chivalric Weekend.
Yours in friendship,

The ResultEdit

The martial challenge ended with a result of 7-3 in favor of Jason Smith.

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